Head of Machine Learning at Beckhoff Automation

I work on low‑latency real‑time machine learning and A.I. techniques, applied to robotics, motion control and industrial automation settings. Otherwise, I am very interested in science, economics and all‑things‑tech.



I joined Beckhoff Automation in 2017, where I am heading a team of applied scientists and software engineers as well as leading the design and development of the TwinCAT Machine Learning framework that allows to utilize artificial intelligence in real-time systems and motion control. The company is build around a unified software-based approach to automation, using regular PCs instead of custom embedded hardware. Before that I managed the software-focused research projects of the DMG MORI group, including the projects in collaboration with the “it's OWL” research cluster.

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My formal research work in the area of string theory was focused on F-theory phenomenology and related mathematical questions, ultimately trying to unify gravity and particle physics. After completing a PhD at the Max Planck Institute for Physics in Munich, I continued as an NSF-funded post-doc at the Northeastern University in Boston, USA.

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Computers, electronics and fundamental science have been at the center of my interest for as long as I can remember. Since leaving academia, I have been very interested in AI/ML research (deep learning and neural networks) as well as blockchain technology. When I find the time, I also try to keep this website updated…

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Dr. Benjamin Jurke
Head of Machine Learning

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